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About Me

The player behind Nickodemus...

Where should I start? My names Brian and Im 30 (what a way to start eh?) just had a birthday in January. Had my birthday party at Vegas-con, that was a blast. Met some great people there. I'm married to a wonderful woman named Tracy, shes a DR junky too. I have 2 beutiful daughters (8&3) and a cool little boy (6). Ummm what else......Oh I been in the army way to damn long...11H. If ya don't know what that is I basically kill things to put it simply. For the past 7 months Ive been in Korea, not having fun. Ill be here another 5 months, then off to Ft. Campbell Kentucy. I've been playin DR since just after the they moved to the web from AOL, I've played too many charicters to mention. I've really only liked 2 of the charicters I've played, one was Xetria Kiltergone...its not easy RP'n a female if yer male...thats if you actually RP with yer chaicter. The other is Nickodemus Batlemaker.

As far as RP'n goes I try and RP as true as possible, of course being IG every second of my free time I slip now and then and let my emotions get the best of me. What I do is sit down and come up with a past for em....first I roll a dice and find out how many tragic events hapened in his life, then when I think of things like...was he an only child?...I roll the dice again maybe a sibling died at a young age ect ect. Fears of water and fire, an extreme dislike for races or guilds I do all with a dice roll. Only last dice roll to figure out how he handles conflicts and annoyances and there ya go, I got guildlines that I'm happy with to RP. With guildline that you find acceptable it's soooo easy to RP. Anyway, that's enough about me for now. See ya all IG!