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I play an online, text base, roleplaying game called Dragon Realms. And you say to yourself "Oh that's all?", but it's so much more..... if you like healing people as an Empath, bending peoples will as a Moon Mage, or becoming a weapons master as a Barbarian. This game has it all for you. The best thing about it is the people you meet and the friendships you forge. From the thinkers (elotheans) to the tinkers (gnomes, Theres 11 different races to choice from. Each with a great discription that gives you a really good idea of the race as a whole before you have to choose one. Theres one that's sure to fit your RP style. And with 9 different Guilds to choose from, the posibilities are endless! From a Trader who sells good to other towns, cities, or clans, to Paladin's who lead us in battle, There something for everyone here. From Tattoo's to goatee's, mismatched eye colors, to stripes on your tail (if ya have one) you can make someone that is as different from the others as is posible. Im not even gonna start jabbering about the fests, quests, wars, sects, and upcomming stuff that everyones drooling over. I'll just say this.....If you like to roleplay and you've been looking for a game that gives you a a good selection of races and guilds without taking away from the fun and enjoyment of a good hunt or some socializin....then this is a game you need to check out! i'll stop rambling now, Have fun! Dragon Realms