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First Elder Meeting

A Log of the First Meeting with the Elders...

One part history, one part good conversation.

Felinda exclaims, "Welcome everyone!"
Felinda says, "Myself and the rest of the refugees are here tonight because there seems to be a little confusion on where your should begin your lives in this new hub"
Felinda says, "For those of the kits that have had a little memory loss from stress of the journey let me start with a little history"
Felinda says, "I'll be speaking from the prydaen standpoint and then we will move on to the Rakash, we will give you a chance for questions in a few minutes"
Felinda says, "First, our original hub lays far west of this city of Zoluren and we were told by Vael to make our new hub here"
Felinda says, "Hubs for those of you who do not know are another way of cities"
Felinda says, "Hubs are of course mainly for the elders and the kits"
Felinda asks, "Being solitary creatures as we are, we are hunters and very agile. Not as strong as some of the races but who needs strength when you have beauty?"
Felinda says, "We came to this new hub to escape the undead armies rised up by Lyras, driven from our hubs which were destoyed we came here seeking a new place to seek food and shelter"
Felinda says, "The undead armies are being held back by the great barrier, it blocks them from coming here in full force"
Felinda says, "Vael, the one that led us here infiltrated Lyras' camp and killed her. Unfortunatly she did rise up as undead and is now more powerful than before"
Felinda says, "The barrier was built in part by magic and in part by god wish and as long as those that contributed to it's building live than we are safe"
Felinda says, "For the most part..."
Felinda says, "One point I would like to make is that NO the Prydaen do not eat the Rakash"
Felinda scoffs.
Felinda says, "Stringing things they are"
Felinda says, "Our bodies of course are nothing more than a shell and when we die our spirit goes to the wheel and we wait to be reborn to the body of a new kit"
Rhue says in Rakash, "oh and rakash dont fight with prydaens either"
Felinda says, "Kits are few being born right now due to the souls being trapped in the bodies of the undead"
Felinda says, "Now we have come here to this new hub and their ways are different"
Felinda says, "Many of you being kits will adjust and take on their ways and we aren't going to stop you"Felinda sniffles.
Felinda says, "But we all hold different beliefs and views on these things called raises and favors"
Felinda smiles.
Felinda says, "I would like to go over the wheel song"
Felinda asks, "Aby would you please go over the ritual?"
Abysinnthe nods.
Abysinnthe says something in Prydaenese.
Abysinnthe says, "Excuse me, When you hunt alone a lot, you slip back into your own language."
Abysinnthe says, "I was trying to say, that many of you have expressed a lot in interests in our beliefs."
Abysinnthe says, "In our hubs, we have the belief, that when you die, we are reborn..."
Abysinnthe says, "'And for a Prydaen to die with out the Wheel Song, to us, means our souls are lost..."
Abysinnthe says, "When one of us falls, we gather and sing this:"
(Abysinnthe gathers twigs for a bier, and places on it, carefully arranging it.)
(Abysinnthe looks upon the fallen in sorrow, then raises her voice in the song, lighting a torch to light the twigs.)
Abysinnthe sings:
"Demrris told us before he left
A promise of a life beyond our deaths.
The Great Old One must have known
That the world is too wide for one life alone."
(Abysinnthe lights the torch and sets the bier aflame, voicing raising in sorrow and joy, singing the soul of the fallen to Tenemlor!)
Abysinnthe sings:
"So though this soul goes to Tenemlor
Soon it shall return to us once more,
Passing from her blessed home,
Back to the plains with us it will roam."
(Abysinnthe watches as the smoke drifts upwards, and joins with the Heavens.)
Abysinnthe sings:
"And wander the forests and drink down the wind
And sing this song with us again.
And when the wheel has turned once more,
It will hear this song, as it did before.""
(Abysinnthe raises her hands to the sky, and the Wheel.)
Abysinnthe sings:
"Hear us, hear us, hurry along,
Take your rest, but don't stay long.
For leaves fall to ground and nourish the tree
The leaves come back, and so shall we!""
(Abysinnthe watches the flames die down, then touches the body, and watches the soul rise into the sky.)
Abysinnthe smiles softly.
Abysinnthe says, "Tenemlor, from what I understand, is a place where Eu allows us to rest before being reborn..."
Abysinnthe says, "And so, we sing the Wheel Song, to aid the soul on its way..."
Abysinnthe's tail swishes through the air.
(Abysinnthe glances about uncertainly.)
Abysinnthe says, "Alydaer also has some things t osay about us..."
Abysinnthe smiles at Alydaer.
Alydaer says, "I'm young for a Prydaen, but my experiences have made me grow up fast."
Alydaer says, "Yes, you may have fought the undead before...."
Alydaer says, "and I became a Paladin so I could better fight the undead...."
Alydaer asks, "but have you ever had to fight your dead uncle? your mother?"
Alydaer says, "the horror is indescribable"
Felinda lashes her tail.
Rhue clears his throat.Alydaer says, "I had to burn my mother's body so she would not be raised again against her own race."
A tear runs down Alydaer's face.
Rhue says, "pardon"
Rhue bows to Felinda.
Felinda smiles at Rhue.
Rhue asks, "might i say some words quickly?"
Felinda purrs happily in Rhue's general direction.
Alydaer says, "Most of the undead are trapped on the far side of the barrier, but some were on the east side when the barrier was created"
Rhue says, "ok first of f"
Alydaer says, "And the barrier is not permanent! We must not relax our guard"
Rhue clears his throat.
Rhue says, "we rakash change during the full phase of katamba"
Rhue casually observes the area.
Rhue says, "when the moon katamba becomes full "
Rhue says, "but"
Rhue says, "it only lasts as long as the moon is full also"
Rhue says, "we can do things in our moonskins that we cannot in this form"
Rhue says, "our moonskins that is"
Rhue says, "bark"
Rhue blushes a bright red color.
Pyrah says, "That's what happens when Rakash age..their bark goes first."
Rhue makes a barking noise.
Rhue says, "we can also howl "
Rhue throws his head back and howls!
Rhue says, "heh not bad for a human"
Rhue chuckles.
Rhue says, "oh yes "
Rhue says, "we can growl our words like the skra mur can hiss"
Rhue says, "in this human form we cant do much"
Rhue sighs.Rhue says, "thats the basics "
Felinda playfully brushes the tip of her tail against Rhue's waist.
(Sunyl absently flexes her hands, her claws protruding and retracting.)
Rhue smiles pryah
Pyrah says, "On behalf of the refugee Rakash, I would like to thank you all for your help and welcomes."
Pyrah smiles at everyone
Pyrah says, "Just would like to clear a few things up"
Pyrah says, "We do not eat Pyradean."
Felinda says, "We're stringy too"
Felinda giggles.|
Pyrah says, "We are not their best friends..but we coexist just like togs and eloths"
Rhue says in Rakash, "they dont taste too good anyway"
Pyrah says, "we worked together to conquer a common problem..and so far we have succeeded"
Rhue hums to himself.
Pyrah says, "but we will need all the races to work together to conquer anything else that comes."
Pyrah says, "For that, we will need all your help again."
Rhue leans casually on a wolfhead walking stick.
Pyrah says, "We bring no ill will..and we plan on causing no problems..each race has its own bad apples"
Pyrah says, "and I am sure we shall have ours. Please do not judge the rest of us by the rotten ones."
Pyrah says, "Thank you all."
Pyrah throws her head back and howls!
Felinda nods to Auryn.
Rhue nods to Auryn.
Auryn licks the tip of his nose.
Rallish just left.
Alydaer tickles Rhue with her tail!
Auryn says, "Greetings easterners and kin."
Auryn says, "I wanted to say a few words, for some of you who aren't familiar with us, about Rakash family life."
Auryn says, "For Rakash, nothing is more important than the pack."
Auryn says, "We live for the pack, and die for the pack."
Rhue says in Rakash, "the pack"
Rhue throws his head back and howls!
Rhue blushes a bright red color.
Auryn says, "Family is everything to us."
Auryn says, "Where as Prydaen usually travel alone, or with one other, unless they're elderly, or with young."
Auryn says, "Nothing can break us up."
Auryn says, "That is why our ancestors coming back from the dead was tough for us to endure."
Auryn says, "To have to fight off members of your family you buried a few years ago..."
Auryn frowns.
(Sunyl licks one hand, cleaning her claws with her teeth.)
Pyrah says, "We have had to set fire to our siblings when they fell in battle beside prevent their return on the morrow on the other side."
Auryn says, "I think I should end it here... before I depress everyone again."
Auryn says, "I believe some of you have questions now..."
Pyrah says, "We pray we never see that again."
Rhue smiles slightly as he scratches behind his right ear.

Hamstringer is next.

Hamstringer says, "greetings honored elders, i have two questions. first are you saying we dont need favors, or to have our memories rejuved if we fall? and second how effective are our claws in combatt, will they only be another form of brawling, or will they get better the more we use them."
Pyrah smiles enigmatically at Hamstringer
Felinda says, "No, you will need favors and you can read the books in the library to decide what of their gods you believe closest to our own"
Felinda says, "Rejuving of course is fine and as I said it must be your own choice which path you travel"
Softpaw slowly says, "Must follow some new a new land..."
Pyrah says, "Hamstringer I advise getting favors..and we shall see what our talents are when we are in our moonskins.."
Hamstringer asks, "and rejuve?"
Felinda says, "Twil I think had something to say about brawling that might be useful to your question"
Pyrah says, "We to must find out..these new moons are different"
Hamstringer says, "i dont get moonskins i thought"
Felinda says, "Your memorise are important"
Felinda purrs happily in Hamstringer's general direction.
Twil says, "Our claws are quite effective in battle."
(Twil swipes at the air with his claws.)
Twil says, "And the more skill with brawling you have, the easier it'll be to shred things."

Rhajj is next.

Rhajj asks, "What of the moon Katamba? What are it's phases?"
Sunyl blinks at Rhajj.
Auryn says, "Mrod's moon has the same phases as any other."
Rhue says, "'most moon mages know them"
Auryn says, "It waxes and wanes."
Twil curls his tail around Felinda's ankles.
Auryn says, "There isn't much else to it."
Auryn says, "When Mrod's moon shines full, Mrod smiles down on us and grants us our canine features."
Rhajj says, "also, i say we launch a premptive strike against the undead who did this to us"
Felinda says, "Noooo"
Sunyl shudders.
Rhajj says, "raise an army. attack by surprise"
Rhue says, "the are behind the barrier"
Felinda says, "The undead are trapped behind the barrier and we are not strong enough yet to fight them"
Pyrah says, "I think they are undead..and you should let dead things lie."
Sunyl quietly says, "We cannot pass the barrier."
Auryn shakes his head at Rhajj.
Seasdaih says, "you donnae know what they did..."
Seasdaih shudders.
Seasdaih makes a mrrrp noise in the back of her throat.
Twil says, "Not a good idea."
Auryn says, "The Barrier is impenetrable."
Rhajj says, "They must pay"
Auryn says, "From either side."

Eyoni is next.

Rhue nods to Auryn.
Auryn says, "The point isn't revenge against the undead... it's to release their souls from torment."
Eyoni says, "greetings all...."
Eyoni says, "my first few questions are fer the Rakash my curiousity is up then I gots a comment"
Eyoni says, "how large are yer packs and what's build blocks of the pack how are they ran"
Auryn says, "There's no limit to how large a pack can get."
Auryn says, "Family is family."
Rhue nods to Auryn.
Auryn says, "We'll not turn away kin."
Auryn says, "As for how they are run, we'll leave that for another time."
Eyoni asks, "okies do yas got any rituals fer yer dead?"
Rhue gazes upward.
Auryn says, "When one of our own falls..."
Seasdaih makes a mrrrp noise in the back of her throat.
Pyrah quietly says, "WE mourn our dead more than you could understand."
Auryn nods to Pyrah.
Pyrah says, "WE are One"
Njali throws her head back and howls!
Auryn says, "You may hear one of us mourning our dead through howling."
Felinda says, "pack this, pack that"
Felinda hums to herself.
Sunyl rolls her eyes.
Sunyl says, "Mrada mrada mrada."
Auryn says, "Recently, we'd taken to burning our dead..."
Eyoni nods.
Auryn says, "So they wouldn't come back in undead form."
Eyoni says, "before that"
Auryn says, "But that is a recent custom."
Eyoni asks, "did ya have sump'n like the cats?"

Rulfus is next.

Twil exclaims, "Cats.. we's Prydaen!"
Felinda says, "Easy Twil"
|Auryn says, "We're nothing like Prydaen."
Pyrah says, "The Wheel song is particular to the Pyradean"
Auryn snorts.
Rulfus smiles broadly.
Rulfus says in Rakash, "first of all, greetins to elder Rhue, and all my fellow packmates."
Rulfus coughs.
Felinda says, "Speak in common please"
Rulfus says in Rakash, "oh, right common."
Rhue bows to Rulfus.
Rulfus says, "there."
Auryn says, "In common, please."
Rulfus says, "Well, now."
Rulfus says, "I was going to ask more about our god, Mrod."
Auryn nods to Rulfus.
Rhue gazes upward
Auryn says, "Mrod is like.."
Rulfus says, "For the cubs, you know, who don't unnerstand Him."
Auryn says, "The easterner's god, Meraud."
Auryn says, "There are many similarities."
Auryn says, "There isn't much to tell about him that isn't in the Easterner's gods book... The Immortals."
Pyrah glances at Auryn.
Rhue says, "our writers are still at work"
Pyrah says, "Mrod..forsook us"
Pyrah spits on the ground, her anger very obvious.
Auryn says, "Mrod did not forsake us."
Straen asks, "Auryn, if I may add something..?"
Auryn says, "Each time Mrod's moon shines full, we see his blessing."
Pyrah says, "Mrod should have not made me have to set fire to my sister"
Auryn says, "Mrod didn't make us burn our kin. Lyras did."
Straen says, "I think Mrod is a bit more general than their Meraud. Their Meraud controls one.. sphere, so to speak."
Auryn bares his teeth.

Lunah is next.

Auryn says, "Mrod is a bit different, yes."
Straen says, "Whereas our Mrod is more broad. There are many similarities, yes, but I thought I would point out a difference."
Rhue nods to Straen.
Lunah smiles softly.
Rhue says, "verry true"
Lunah says, "Greetings and Salutations."
Lunah quietly says, "I have two questions...."
Felinda smiles at Lunah.
Auryn says, "Some of your eastern scholars believe our Mrod may be the source of your Meraud."
Auryn ponders.
Auryn says, "If you follow that."
Lunah quietly asks, "first..where can I find out more about out death rituals and our language?"
Felinda says, "We are working on getting books in the library to help with that, as soon as we learn the written language better"
Twil nods.
Twil says, "Our writers are still at work."
Lunah quietly asks, "and secondly if I were to die this eve...should I ask my brothern to burn my body?"
Pyrah shakes her head at Lunah.
Auryn shakes his head at Lunah.
Pyrah says, "NOt unless you have been on the other side"
Auryn says, "No, that won't be necessary."
Lunah asks, "What should I ask them to do?"
Auryn says, "They should do as they normally would to a fallen easterner."
Lunah nods to Auryn.
Auryn says, "Right now, we are away from Lyras' influence."
Lunah asks, "So a cleric would be a good with the gift?"
Auryn says, "The choice is up to you."
Felinda says, "That must be your decision"

Daemog is next.

Daemog says, "Greetings and welcome to what you call your new Hub."
Auryn says, "Just know that you are safe here, from becoming undead."
Daemog smiles.
Daemog says, "A certain individual ye've may or may not have met known as Ralel has told me a higher Power may be guiding Lyras action and another undead known as Velmix.."
Sunyl quietly says, " far, Rakash...."
Daemog asks, "Do you have any knowledge or scrolls that might speak of this Power?"
Daemog says, "he also spoke of the Barrier possibly being a piece of True barrier.."
Teakshu says, "Aye though you may wish to speak with one of the clerics of this land,and learn about their ways to dissuade fears you might have"
Rhue rolls his eyes.
Njali ponders.
Felinda says, "Felinda think Ralel full of himself"
Felinda hums to herself.
Njali nods to Felinda.
Daemog says, "fraid thats all i can think of to ask at this time"
Auryn says, "I do not know of this Ralel."
Auryn says, "Or whether or not our Great Barrier is part of something bigger."
Seasdaih says, "Ralel...I know not that word"
Auryn says, "All we know, is that it protects us from Lyras until we can find a way to defeat her."
Felinda says, "Barrier is part magic and part god wish and if this Ralel knows something then maybe he come talk to us"

Austeria is next.

Auryn says, "I think right now, we're more concerned with getting our packs settled than figuring out the bigger picture."
Austeria says, "Greetings.... I have heard people whisper that Prydaens shall have great difficulty learning skills at higher degrees of learning because so few be as wise or as well-disciplined as the 7 races.,.."
Austeria asks, "native to this province- so great they shall find little success in a profession... What say ye about this?"
Austeria says, "Sorry.... That be the only way I can ask me question while speaking this language..."
Felinda says, "I say Prydaen perfect and be whatever prydaen want and excel just as any other"
(Felinda gazes at her claws)
Sunyl quietly says, "Time will tell as to learning your ways, Easterner."
Auryn says, "Prydaen can excel at whatever they wish."
Sunyl purrs.
Felinda smiles
Pyrah says, "We, just as you, can do anything we set our minds and backs to."
Auryn says, "While they may be easily distracted..."
Sunyl squints at Auryn

Persiana is next.

Felinda exclaims, "Are not!"
Auryn says, "They're no less suited to doing things as anyone else."
Seasdaih says, "we are supreme at determination...our travels of late prove that"
Persiana says, "greetings elders"
Persiana says, "quick comment... with careful training of the mind and body, there should be no problems"
Persiana says, "first question... there are rumors that there will be special armors for our people"
Felinda says, "We shall have to see if our kind are capable at making that true"
Persiana says, "a scaley friend even took several of our people to a southern city to try to buy some... is this just a rumor now"
Felinda says, "For now their armor making is newer to us"
Felinda says, "We shall have to see"
Felinda asks, "Anything else?"
Persiana asks, "second question... will we become more adept at physically expressing ourselves?"
Auryn says, "The eastern shops may or may not make armor specially suited to our forms."
Felinda asks, "In what way?"
Felinda gazes thoughtfully at Persiana.
(Persiana sharpens her claws on the edge of her seat)
Sunyl directs a curious meow at Persiana.
Felinda says, "You seem to have done that just fine"
Felinda grins at Persiana.
Auryn says, "I think it's up to you how you express yourself."
Persiana says, "like we could scratch buildings and such like that..."
Felinda blushes and babbles a few incoherent words, looking sincerely flustered.
Persiana giggles
Persiana says, "ok, thanks"
Twil says, "May end up payin' fer chairs that way, though."
Elyzabetta is next
Elyzabetta says, "Elders many would like to know from you more details about our Gods and how the Pride works."
Felinda says, "Well..."
Felinda says, "Eu would be best described in the local tongue as "nature" I guess, Demrris is god that make us perfect"

Tyryan is next.

Felinda says, "OH and Tenemlor, god of death"
Tyryan asks, "While me sympathetic with ya plight, me not sure what to think about the huge influx of refugees on our lands. Me sure we could raise army to help ya retake ya huntin grounds, but ya gotta stop this cowardly stuff cause it's sickenin. I ain't sure whether ya plannin on movin in or what and I dunno what kinda deal ya made with the Mayor so could ya tell me what ya plans are? And why ya actin like such cowards when an enemy's taken ya land and defilin ya kin while ya run and squat on someone else's land, actin like ya gonna be stayin? This Barrier can be taken down, me rather take it down now than let the undead regoup and come after me home and hearth just because ya people are ascared. Ya made this our fight by comin here and bringin this war to our doorstep. We ain't afraid to do it, be more than happy to help, but this pussyfootin round runs against me grain so could ya quit the whimpy stuff?"
Auryn blinks at Tyryan.
As Birki rubs her crystal globe, the image of a cheerful Gnome child appears within the globe. Only his upper body is visible within the fog surrounding him as he devours a fruit pastry.
Felinda wobbles, looking a bit faint.
Auryn says, "Now breathe."
Rhue's jaw drops.
Tyryan says, "Big lungs"
Rhue says, "and rude"
Felinda says, "Not really a question was it"
Auryn asks, "Who are you to call us cowards ?
Tyryan says, "If it built, it can be unbuilt"
Felinda says, "And Vael did speak with locals and permission granted make new hub here"
Auryn says, "It will not fall until the last of the mages and priests who cast it are no longer with us."
Auryn says, "You can not undo the will of the gods, Tyryan."
Felinda says, "Not cowardly, is smart and perhaps you get older you know difference"
Pyrah sadly asks, "Many gave their lives to build that barrier..You would have it come down because it inconveniences you with our presence?"
Auryn says, "Mrod wishes that Barrier to be there."
Rhue says, "its not bilt"
Rhue says, "its created"
Pyrah peers quizzically at Tyryan.

Jaw is next.

Seasdaih sighs.
Pyrah stands near Wyrth.
Auryn says, "We fled east, rather than face genocide in the west."
Rhue says, "from magic, the land and the people"
Tyryan says, "Me want it to come down before undead overrun it and threaghten me friends and family with your war"
Auryn says, "If that is hard for you to understand, you must not have family to care for."
Tyryan says, "Me take war to them, not want war in home"
Felinda says, "Not our war, undead been coming here long before us silly man"
Rhue says, "lyras would come east anyway"
Jaw growls low in the back of his throat.
Jaw throws his head back and howls!
Jaw says, "What racial enemies do the Rakash have back home and here now...besides the undead"
Auryn says, "You can not overtake Lyras' army through numbers."
Auryn says, "Her army numbers far more than we can even imagine."
Felinda says, "Silly hot headed fools"
Pyrah sarcastically says, "Seems like tyryen"
Auryn says, "We have no... rayshul enemies, if I understand you correctly."
Jaw says, "no cowards here"
Felinda asks, "Your question please Jaw?"
Auryn says, "As much as the Prydaen and Rakash didn't get along... we tended to just ignore eachother."
Pyrah says, "We do not have Racial enemies"
Felinda says, "Mainly just the undead and your typical little scirmishes"
Pyrah says, "We wish to coexist with all races."
Twil says, "Bein' enemies with soemone simply because of their race would be ignorant."
Jaw says, "I meant like here the Gorbesh did we have anything back home"
Jaw says, "it happens"
Auryn shakes his head at Jaw.
Auryn says, "We had no such enemies like the easterner's Gorbesh."
Rhue says, "till lyras"

Laci is next.

Laci smiles and curtsies welcoming all the mentors and elders who have come to help us adjust to our new lives.
Laci asks, "First off wish to know if Eu or Demrris will grant us favors?"
Sunyl quietly says, "Eastern gods grant favors."
Laci nods to Sunyl.
Laci says, "and.. Um.. I have noticed a difficulty in showing embaressment.. is there some way other than blushing and also blanching.. which is covered by our lovely fur.. to show this sort of discomfort? "
Felinda says, "Favors granted by eastern gods, you should look through book and find one that suits your view of them"
Felinda says, "I get flustered myself"
Felinda blushes and babbles a few incoherent words, looking sincerely flustered.
Sunyl quietly says, "I watch my feet or my hands...or study the ground."
Auryn says, "Prydaens express many of their emotions through their tails."
Laci exclaims, "Thank you very kindly!"

Allequerie is next.

Allequerie says, "To the Prydaen and the Rakash, well met."
Allequerie asks, "Firstly.. is it possible for those na of yer kindred kind, to become part of yer families?"
Felinda says, "We ahh"
Seasdaih asks, "has it everr been done?"
Seasdaih scratches her head.
Felinda says, "Some of us don't agree with such but must choose own ways"
Twil says, "Erm.. first, picture a combination of a Prydaen and a Human, and I think your question is answered."
Rhue says, "any are welcome in the pack if the pack accepts the person"
Rhue smiles slightly as he scratches behind his right ear.
Allequerie says, "Cat Alle has ever been.. long before any knew of the Prydaen."
Felinda says, "As I said, some of us stuck in old ways and some kits will accept new ways"
Auryn says, "We can't speak for the Prydaen... but it all depends on the pack you try to join."
Felinda asks, "That answer question?"
Allequerie says, "Aye, is enough for a beginning."

Trokin is next.

Trokin asks, "Hi, I have 2 questions, Fist - Do you know of any advantages or disadvantages of when you get your moonskin? and second - How did your people become undead?"
Trokin says, "for I have died many times , Praise Everild I have yet to become undead"
Trokin says, "I would also like to say to Tyryan that if the barrier were to be gone... what makes you think that the undead would stop coming? Right now it's whats holding them back"
Auryn says, "There aren't necessarily any physical advantages to being in our moonskins."
Felinda says, "Well, Lyras make undead with necromancy"
Auryn says, "I for one am more comfortable in my moon skin."
Trokin says, "oh"
Auryn says, "But that's just my preference."
Auryn says, "It reminds me that Mrod smiles down on us."
Trokin asks, "and umm... about the claws... is that a different skill?"
Trokin says, "I think someone already asked that"
Auryn scratches his head.
Rhue says, "could be light edged"
Trokin grins
(Abysinnthe pops her claws out one at a time and retracts them.
Sunyl glances at Twil.
Rhue scratches his head.
Pyrah says, "Our fangs..are not claws"
Twil says, "No, it ain't a different skill."
Felinda says, "Claws good weapon for prydaen use against enemy, teeth good Rakash too"
Trokin asks, "what do you mean no physical differences?"
Rhue smiles quickly, showing his sharp wolven teeth.
Trokin says, "someone had a rumor that you gain double str and stamina"
Twil says, "Claws depend on brawling."
Trokin says, "in a moonskin"
Felinda shakes her head at Trokin.
Pyrah says, "Rakash have Fangs.."
Pyrah says, "in brawling..when grappled if you bite"
Graypelt says, "much better"
Graypelt grins.
Pyrah says, "however, if it does us any good I am uncertain"
Felinda says, "I think hear too many stories"
Rhue grins at Graypelt.
Trokin says, "thanks for your time, and I hope that you feel secure in your need city"
Trokin bows.

Elena is next.

Elena says, "I have two questions."
Elena asks, "1) I know the Prydaens have their Wheel Song, but is music present in the culture for other ceremonies or festivities or just general leisure? Same question to the Rakash? Just generally are their any art forms native to your cultures in which you excel?"
Auryn nods to Elena.
(Sunyl suddenly rubs at one ear and gazes off into the distance.)
Auryn says, "We have our songs, just as you easterners do..."
Graypelt says, "I fer one fin' tha Whhel song a balm agin tha nastiness a tha undead"
Felinda says, "We have stories that some might make into song but we solitary and no come to hub often unless have to"
Auryn says, "I believe song is part of any culture."
Seasdaih says, "prrrrrsonally, I find music in the nature around me"
not survive the journey. Some of our songs may be gone for good."
Auryn says, "Right now, we have several leaders... and they were chosen by necessity."
Felinda nods to Auryn.
Auryn says, "Vael is the Prydaen leader, and we've all taken to following him. Prydaen and Rakash alike."
Auryn says, "Methesdred is one of our Rakash leaders."
Taarrah says, "Firstly, I am wondering how it is that I am to eat my kills.. I am wondering I am always having to buy my food. I would prefer my meat fresh..."
Taarrah asks, "Secondly, If I die and choose rebirth..will I know myself as myself in my next life. Or will I be totaly diferent?"
Felinda says, "Some of us bring kills to new hub for kits to eat"
Taarrah says, "and as an aside.. I would like to be able to nuzzle people, rather like these easterners snuggle"
Abysinnthe exclaims, "The hogs out of the western gate here, are quite tasty...carve a hunk of meat, and it smells SO good!"
Auryn says, "I usually use a fork and knife when I eat."
Felinda says, "What you know"
Felinda flicks her tail at Auryn.
Sunyl quietly says, "Mooncalf..."
Pyrah growls at Sunyl.
Sunyl quietly says, "If you choose to walk this Eastern starry path, you will find a new body awaits you."
Sunyl quietly says, "If you choose to gain the gods' favor and then depart....your familiar body will you find again."
Auryn says, "Rakash don't eat raw meat, as Prydaens do."
Taarrah nods
Felinda says, "On your second point, if have favors with eastern gods then you will go back to old body if wheel think it should be so and if not then you forget who once were"
Taarrah says, "thank you for the clear answer."
Taarrah furrows her brow.

Softpurr is next.

Softpurr says, "well my one question was answered about our claws"
Softpurr says, "but my other question is this I've tried to eat my kills when hunting but am told I'll break my teeth."Felinda says, "Yes well perhaps you should just lick at it"
Graypelt says, "cookin ' does wonders fer tenderizin' meat"
Graypelt winks at Softpurr.
Auryn nods to Graypelt.
Twil asks, "Cookin'? Eastern tastes sinkin' in, eh?"
Felinda asks, "Okay Softpurr?"
Softpurr says, "ok the other question is ages"
Softpurr says, "I've seen moth stalkers and mouse catchers"
Softpurr asks, "are there others?"
Felinda says, "Mouse catchers are kits"
Auryn shakes his head at Twil.
Softpurr says, "I know moth is older than mouse"
Auryn says, "Rakash have always cooked their meat..."
Felinda says, "Moth catchers are older, and then there is old as dirt like me"(She is elderly for a Prydaen.)
Softpurr curls her tail around Felconar's shoulders.
Softpurr says, "never older"
Felinda shakes her head.
Felinda asks, "Okay?"
Softpurr says, "yes"

Fayman is next.

Fayman says, "well i was wonderin if dere will be new books on yer languages an traditions"
Twil nods to Fayman.
Felinda says, "Yes Fayman"
Twil says, "Our writers are hard at work, Fayman. It's only a matter of time."
Fayman grins at Auryn.
Felinda says, "It being worked on"
Auryn says, "I don't mind smelling people who bathe."
Seasdaih says, "languaage barriers and all"
Fayman says, "good...also us easterners are different...not all da same...i likes raw meat too"
Fayman smiles.
Auryn says, "There's no need to put any effort into smelling the ones who don't."

Wrinkle is next.

Wrinkle says, "Hello brothers and sisters, forgive me if I dont grovel to the so-called elders. In my pack the elders were not a bunch of foolish yapping pups."
Sunyl grins at Auryn.
Wrinkle says, "I understand you are young, but... Anyway that doesnt matter, I have only one request for you."
Njali squints at Wrinkle.
Pyrah raises an eyebrow in Wrinkle's direction.
Wrinkle says, "I wish to return home to look for my pack-mate, I do not know if she died or not, but I do wish to see for myself."
Twil directs a curious meow at Wrinkle.
Wrinkle asks, "If you could simply refresh my memories as to the way back to the barrier, I will trouble you no further?"Wrinkle says, "Forgive me if I have offended."
Auryn says, "You can not get past the Barrier."
Felinda says, "yes you did and no we won't"
Pyrah quietly says, "If you wish to find your packmate you are free to go Wrinkle"
Alydaer says, "How will you get through the barrier? You cannot"
Felinda grins at Wrinkle.
Wrinkle says, "not past the barrier"
Wrinkle says, "smiply wish to see if she is in the area"
Felinda says, "If you no remember you may be followed to barrier by mean people and we no risk such"
Pyrah says, "Wrinkle when your moonskin comes howl for her soul"
Abysinnthe says, "There are things back there kits and cubs should not see..."
Auryn says, "If she's on the other side, she's as good as lost to you, until our scholars can find a way to defeat Lyras."

Ringseth is next.

Auryn says, "If she's on this side, I have no doubt she'll find you."
Ringseth asks, "The Prydaen refugee in the Communal Center spoke of this "abominable mage" as she reffers to it, the barrier is keeping away. Could you tell me more about this Evil Mage?"
Felinda asks, "Lyras bring back undead what more need know?"
Anoo shivers with fear.
Abysinnthe says, "Lyras, you wouldn't want to know...she is evil..."
Felinda gazes thoughtfully at Ringseth.
Auryn says, "Lyras was a pale skinned, black haired Warrior Mage... a practicer of the dark arts."
Felinda says, "Necromancy"
Felinda shudders.
Sunyl quietly says, "...with no throat, once Vael reached her."
Graypelt says, "now she undead too"
Seasdaih says, "Unfortunately, most who have gone to find more about her, never returned"
Auryn says, "Vael and some others snuck into her camp, and slit her throat."
(Sunyl absently flexes her hands, her claws protruding and retracting.)
Auryn says, "She rose back up only seconds later."
Felinda says, "She come back as undead"
Felinda nods.
Ringseth says, "Thank you. That clears up a little. "

Jamordar is next.

Jamordar asks, "ok, first, how's the Prydaen's family work?"
Felinda says, "When expecting kits move to hub, when kits born are taught by elders and parents until ready hunt on own"
Auryn says, "Prydaen... work..."
Felinda says, "Leave hub and start own life"
Auryn says, "That's an interesting combination."
Auryn grins.
Jamordar says, "no, like the community and stuff"
Sunyl quietly asks, "Community?"
Jamordar says, "like marriage"
Felinda says, "Choose mate"
Jamordar laughs!
Seasdaih says, "marriage"
Seasdaih shudders.
Felinda shrugs.
Jamordar says, "not really what I was looking for..."
Felinda says, "Eastern wedding lots of talk"
Jamordar asks, "Ok, but are there litters and such?"
Felinda says, "Life mate"
Auryn says, "Prydaen sense of family and community is a little... abstract. They don't usually understand when the rest of us don't get it."
Abysinnthe says, "There have been few kits born..."
Felinda says, "Litters not always more than one and not always many"
Felinda says, "Not many kits born now"
Jamordar says, "ok, that's really what I was looking for..."
Jamordar asks, "what about verbs... will we get any more?"
Felinda says, "Sorry Felinda confuse easy sometimes"
Felinda asks, "Verbs?"
Jamordar says, "like the Rakash can growl words and s'kra can bare their fangs"
Auryn says, "I think he meant herbs."
Anoo lolls her tongue.
Seasdaih says, "herbs? plants"
Seasdaih shudders.
Seasdaih says, "raw meat"Seasdaih purrs.
Abysinnthe nods to Seasdaih.
Jamordar says, "nevermind bout that one... outta my head"
Revela grins at Jamordar.
Abysinnthe says, "But eat leaves when sick...."

Janji is next.

Jamordar asks, "and is there a way I can retract and poke out my claws?"
Auryn says, "We eat grass sometimes, Jamordar. If that's what you were asking."
(Sunyl absently flexes her hands, her claws protruding and retracting.)
Graypelt asks, "an hock grass?"
Janji says, "Please excuse my lack of understandin in this language.."
Janji says, "first I send my sorrow to the ones who have had to put down their own.."
Janji says, "I remember little of my past.. My question is.."
Janji says, "Will there ever be a time when our lands will be ours again? And if not, how can we repay those that have given us refuge? "
Auryn says, "We can only hope to some day regain our home from Lyras' legions."
Janji says, "I do not like to feel as if I owe to anyone."
Felinda says, "Our lands will need time to heal even if they can be retaken as much was destroyed"
Graypelt says, "we may repay tha kindness a others by conductin' ourselves with dignity"
Janji asks, "Will their strength weaken? And can our new friends help us rebuild?"
Auryn says, "And treating others with respect."
Janji nods.
Felinda says, "We will have to wait and see"
Abysinnthe says, "With the barrier consuming most of the magic makers in the hub, we've been hard pressed, since so few kits are being born, we have none of the talents the old ones had."
Pyrah says, "Why would you feel beholding Janji? Though we were warmly welcomed at the start, and now are half heartedly being told to go back by some..there is no reason we have less right to be here than someone who came from shard."
Janji says, "I do not do well around others as they make me nervous."
Anoo exclaims, "and bark when danger!"
Anoo makes a barking noise.
Auryn nods to Anoo.
Felinda says, "Most of us do not like crowds and touching others is an honor as we do not like physical contact for the most part"
Janji says, "I do not know much of my own people or ways."
Janji says, "My memories are gone."
Janji says, "But I have many scars."
Graypelt asks, "an if we were ta return , who's ta say Lyra would not come fer these folkk anyway?"
Pyrah says, "aye we were young, to young for what we had to bear."
Graypelt says, "there is security in tha pack"
Janji asks, "Who is to say they are not already trying to?"
Auryn says, "You can be sure that Lyras is trying."
Graypelt says, "we mus' teach these strange ones tha ways a tha pack"
Felinda says, "Lyras will not rest"
Janji says, "Something tells me you are right."
Felinda says, "Problem with undead is they not need sleep"
Auryn says, "As we speak, she has her undead minions scouting the edge of the Barrier."

Blasword is next.

Auryn says, "Watching."
Blasword bows.
Blasword says, "hello"
Abysinnthe says, "I teach of the pride, and shiny man show me his ways..we learn from each other."
Blasword says, "i have two questions but i will ask the second after i am answered the first, or something..."
Auryn says, "A logical progression."
Felinda says, "Usually best way to go about things"
Blasword asks, "why were the Rakash and the Prydaen enemies?"
Graypelt asks, "enemies?"
Abysinnthe blinks
Auryn says, "The answer is simple."
Alydaer says, "We were not enemies"
Pyrah scoffs at Blasword.
Auryn says, "We weren't."
Pyrah says, "we were never enemies"
Felinda says, "Not enemies"
Graypelt asks, "who said we are enemies?"
Blasword says, "people been telling me ye once were enemies"
Felinda says, "Just avoided each other, had no interest in each other"
Auryn says, "We certainly didn't see eye to eye on many issues."
Graypelt says, "we are jes who we are"
Pyrah says, "WE were neighbors with little in common till Lyras and the undead came"
Blasword nods.
Auryn says, "But we just avoided eachother's company."
Alydaer says, "we were "peaceful coexistents" I have heard it called here in the east"
Alydaer says, "until we were forced to work together"
Blasword nods.
Abysinnthe says, "We were not enemies, we lived in same area, Rakash have their hunting, we had ours...we not fight...just not get along well"
Auryn says, "Until recently, when necessity brought us together."
Auryn nods to Alydaer.
Blasword says, "sorry to get you riled up..."
Pyrah says, "Even now, Pyradean and Rakash do not necessarily seek, nor run from the other.."
Felinda asks, "Not riled, what other question have?"
Graypelt says, "I have always foun' tha felines...interestin'"
Auryn says, "I suppose our relationship could be compared to..."
Auryn says, "Your dogs and cats."
Pyrah says, "keep your eyes on the cubs, cub-herder Graypelt"
Graypelt laughs!
Auryn says, "But not necessarily the same."
Blasword asks, "the other question do you think a person such as Lyras could have become so...maniacle?"
Graypelt exclaims, "tha cubs an tha moons!"
Graypelt beams!
Abysinnthe says, "Power..."
Felinda says, "Crazy people in every race"
Alydaer says, "aye, Power"
Abysinnthe says, "Power makes people think strange things."
Alydaer says, "her insane lust for power"
Graypelt says, "Power corrupts"
Auryn says, "Maybe she tripped and bumped her head in the bath house."
Auryn says, "It's hard to know."
Blasword nods.
Graypelt says, "an absolute power corrupts absolutely"
Auryn says, "Many things drive people insane."
Blasword asks, "i mean do you think that it is more madness than...intent?"
Auryn says, "We don't know enough to speculate."
Felinda says, "Madness yes, but power makes madness"
Auryn says, "She is an evil one to be sure."
Alydaer says, "I think she is fully aware, and has definite intentions, but tis only my opinion"

Pansuto is next.

Auryn says, "And not to be underestimated."
Graypelt asks, "what diffirence why?"
Pansuto says, "Greetings.."
Pansuto says, "My questions, as was stated, are limited to two..."
Auryn says, "Go ahead, Pansuto."
Pansuto asks, "Therefore... my first... In this new land.. what hope have we of regaining our homes... homes few of us remember, or would recognize... Should we seek to increase our standing in the ways of those who live in this land of Katamba's rising... thereby possibly foresaking our heritage??"
Felinda says, "Must never loose sight of history and past"
Pyrah peers quizzically at Pansuto.
Felinda says, "But make best of new hub"
Abysinnthe nods to Felinda.
Auryn says, "If you're asking if we should forsake our history and customs..."
Auryn says, "The answer is no."
Graypelt says, "i would learn tha ways a this hub ta better help tha pack"
Pyrah says, "We came here..we will do as we must to is why we left to begin with."
Pyrah sadly says, "WE will never forget."
Graypelt says, "but tha pack will always be"
Auryn says, "But yes, we should become familiar with our surroundings, and the ways of the easterners."
Abysinnthe says, "Prydaen keep teaching old ways..."
Felinda nods to Abysinnthe.
Rhue leans casually on a wolfhead walking stick.
Pansuto says, "Though that was somewhat unclear, in essence, it was a single question.. My second... would be what remnants of our past.. might we recover in this place.. traditional weapons.. fighting styles..magics... that would help us both here, and in regaining our lost homes..."
Felinda says, "Everything was left behind when fled here"
Felinda says, "We make due with things here find"
Abysinnthe says, "And learn new is up to the Rakash or Prydaen to decide if they want to keep to the old ways, or start working on new ways."
Pansuto asks, "Have we no craftsmen.. no artists.. no great masters left among us??"
Auryn says, "Incase you hadn't noticed, Pansuto..."
Pyrah says, "Pansuto as you grow, you will discover your prowess. That is your heritage."
Felinda says, "Most were lost"
Auryn says, "Many refugees have come, weapon and shield in hand."
Graypelt says, "it has been me understandin' that these folk have been somewhat successful in tha ways a nuetralizin' tha undead,,,i will learn what I can ta aid tha pack"
Pansuto nods to Felinda.
Pansuto says, "I have seen perhaps less of these horrors than others... but surely there remains somthing that we may use to unite us.. as a symbol of our heritage..."
Auryn says, "Mrod, and Mrod's moon is a symbol of our heritage."

Cyris is next.

Rhue taps a loose linen shirt embroidered with a wolf howling at a moon.
Cyris hisses, "Firssst off.. a quessstion or two and one comment... Where did thisss Lyrasss come from.. what race wasss ssshe? and where did ssshe learn the art of necromancy? I highly doubt your culturesss allow the open practice of it.. I'm curiousss asss to where ssshe might have obtained sssuch knowledge."
Graypelt says, "tha pack is a symbol a our heritage"
Pyrah throws her head back and howls!
Auryn says, "As I said, Lyras is human."
Rhue says, "she was human"
Cyris hisses, "Missssssed that. My apologiesss."
Auryn says, "She was a human warrior mage, practicing in the dark arts."
Rhue says, "where she learned her arts we know not"
Auryn says, "And even if we did know, I would not go advertising the source to others."
Auryn says, "The last thing we need is more necromancers."
Felinda asks, "Anything else?"Abysinnthe asks, "But think of this...If Lyras is that strong, and was taught by another...Who or WHAT was her teacher?"
Pyrah nervously says, "We would not want more following her evil ways."Cyris hisses, "Sssecondly, I wasss wondering about the Kaldar.. the refugee N'ata wasss heard sssaying "Gorbesssh, Kaldar, what'sss the difference?". if they're sssimilar, why do we allow them here?"
Felinda says, "That's tomorrow's meeting"
Felinda grins at Cyrster.
Abysinnthe says, "Simple...the Kaldar are Kaldar...not Gorbesh..."
Cyris hisses, "I asssk becaussse it wasss a Prydaen who sssaid it.. any hissstory there?"
Njali says, "Kaldar are less mercenary due to their intellect."
Pyrah says, "Kaldar and Gorbesh are NOT the same"
Felinda says, "But the Kaldar and gorbesh are related"
Graypelt says, "there is no love los' atween tha two races from what I've observed"
Felinda says, "But you won't see them admitting it happily"
Pyrah says, "Kaldar are their own people..they are not Gorbesh."
Pyrah says, "anymore than I am Pyradean"
Graypelt says, "an don't make tha mistake a callin 'em one"
Graypelt chuckles.
Pyrah nods to Graypelt.
Auryn says, "The Kaldar come from the south... we aren't very familiar with their relationships."

Sanyulyo is next.

Cyris hisses, "And a comment.. No offenssse to your racesss, and I'm sssure your bessst were lossst.. but I haven't noticed much aptitude among your sssurvivorsss in combat.. talent, aye, but not much training."
Auryn says, "We only know what they've told us."
Cyris hisses, "Isss it possssssible you have overessstimated Lyrasss? We've had sssuccessssss with Khavasssh and hisss undead."
Felinda says, "I doubt it"
Pyrah confidently says, "We will learn..we are peaceful folks in reality."
Auryn shakes his head at Cyrster.
Auryn says, "Lyras is not to be underestimated."
Sanyulyo grins.
Sanyulyo says, "I know that both of your races met up with mine before we all reached this new area..."
Auryn asks, "We underestimated her once... and see what it got us ?"
Teakshu says, "We did not meet your kind until reaching this new land"
Sanyulyo ponders.
Sanyulyo scratches his head.
Auryn says, "Easterners were here to see the meeting."
Graypelt says, "at leas' not our pack"
Felinda says, "We knew about your kind but we had not encountered each other, much like we hand't encountered this Crossing people"
Auryn says, "The small one... named Trimbolt sought out Vael."
Sanyulyo says, "hrmm, that's odd, cause it says elsewhere..., but there ye go..."
Sanyulyo shrugs.
Anoo exclaims, "Widdle man Talk! Talk! Talk!"
Sanyulyo says, "guess I listened to the wrong scribes..."
Auryn nods to Anoo.
Auryn says, "I think we should clear something up..."
Sanyulyo nods to Auryn.
Auryn says, "There were easterners with us when we first engaged Lyras..."
Auryn says, "Not many."
Auryn says, "But a few individuals."
Rhue says, "humans, and some elves"
Felinda leans on Auryn.
Auryn asks, "There may have been a gnome or two... it's possible. I didn't notice, but they're so small... who would ?"

Larken is next.

Graypelt chuckles.
Sanyulyo mutters cryptically to himself.
Seasdaih says, "many of us did not meet them ourselves anyway, but know of them through others"
Auryn says, "In any case, we did not meet up with any representing party until we came here."
Larken clears her throat.
Graypelt says, "also some a tha pack were separated in tha exodus"
Larken says, "Greetings, first off, I would like to thank you, mentors, speakers, elders alike, for taking the time to answer ALL these questions. It is most appreciated, I'm sure from everyone here."
Rhue nods.
Auryn sniffs at Larken.
Larken says, "Secondly, due to the long exodus, I have tragically displaced my memory of my life before fleeing Sunfell. I regret to say that I fail to remember my Prydaen nature. I have recalled my tail, how to meow, hiss, purr, claw foes in battle pardon me but are there any more actions that are native to the Prydaen? Ah and is there any plans to build our hubs on this tera? Since I fear as displayed this night, some make it clear we are not welcome here on "their" land."
Felinda says, "We have been told by Vael to make this our new hub and we will do so"
Graypelt says, "tha land belongs to no one"
Graypelt says, "we belong ta tha land"
Auryn says, "As many as there are who show displeasure at our being here, there are ten times that who welcome us."
Felinda says, "As for the rest your memory will return when the shock leaves"
Pyrah nods to Graypelt.
Auryn says, "Before we move on to the next speaker..."
Auryn says, "I just wanted to warn the younger of the pack..."
Felinda gazes thoughtfully at Auryn.
Pyrah nods to Auryn.
Auryn says, "When Mrod's moon shines full..."
Graypelt growls at Tyryan.
Auryn says, "We change into our moonskins... and that can be a very traumatic change."

Rrowsh is next.

Rhue nods.
Rhue says, "but i prefer my moonskin"
Auryn says, "You may want to be in a safe place when you make the transition."
Pyrah says, "keep an eye on Katamba"
Auryn says, "As you will be stunned for a moment or two, and not able to fight, or defend yourself."
Auryn says, "That's all."
Auryn says, "Pardon my interruption."
Rrowsh says, "ahh, my thanks also to the elders, this has been most interesting"
Rhue nods to Rrowsh.
Rrowsh asks, "my first question is as to the barrier, do we need to guard against its breaking, is anyone in need of protection to keep it up?"|
Auryn shakes his head at Rrowsh.
Auryn says, "It will not break."
Tigerus quietly says, "That's what they said last time."
Tigerus smirks.
Yssan quietly asks, "May I answer?"
Auryn peers quizzically at Tigerus.
Rhue raises an eyebrow.
Rrowsh says, "ahh that is good news, but i still wonder"
Auryn says, "Pardon... I forgot to mention about when Mrod's moon waxes..."
Auryn says, "It's equally as traumatic."
Yssan quietly says, "The Barrier will fall only if all of the those involved in the casting perish."
Auryn says, "When we change into the state you see us in now, that is."
Auryn nods to Yssan.
Auryn says, "We should mention though..."
Yssan quietly says, "And many have asked for the names of those involved..."
Rrowsh asks, "ahh, that is what i wondered, who were that casters? who should we guard?"
Tigerus nods to Felinda.
Jamordar just left.
Aldinsoth just left.
Yssan quietly says, "But we cannot divulge that...."
Auryn says, "We have no proof of that. It's something we believe, since the barrier is part of those who cast it."
Felinda says, "We cannot risk that everyone might know them"
Yssan nods to Felinda.
Felinda says, "Some would wish them harm"

Kilan is next.

Auryn says, "You can trust though that they're safe now."
Kilan smiles warmly and bows in greeting to the Elders.
Tigerus quietly says, "This town has ears like a crop of maize."
Kilan says, "I respect both the Rakash and the Prydaen...both have similiarities my own race.."
Felinda asks, "Your question?"
Kilan asks, "I'm going tae ask three questions if I may?"
Rhue raises an eyebrow.
Auryn says, "That wouldn't be fair to everyone else."
Kilan nods.
Kilan asks, "Two then?"
Felinda says, "See if you can do it in two"
Auryn says, "You're down one now."
Kilan asks, "First...What are the names of the moons as you know them?"
Auryn says, "Your first question was if you could ask three."
Abysinnthe tickles Auryn with her tail!
Auryn says, "Just a jest."
Pyrah says, "I fear my schooling behind the barrier was not tended to as it would have been if the undead lie in their graves.".
(Tigerus stands slightly away from the main grouping, casually observing both them and the group gathered before him.)
Tigerus folds his arms across his chest.
Auryn says, "I'm afraid we had none of your moon mages with us until recently."
Kilan says, "They shall lie there once more."
Kilan nods to Auryn.
Auryn says, "So we don't know much of the moons."
Auryn says, "We are familiar with Mrod's moon though."
Pyrah says, "The moons waxed and yours do..and one was dark..but we know we have changed upon the movment of your Katamba"
Auryn says, "The black moon."
Auryn says, "Your Katamba."
Pyrah nods to Auryn.
Tigerus hisses.
Rhue says, "our katamba"
Seasdaih says, "My Hub referred to them by color...I cannot speak for the others...we knew them as the blue moon, the red moon and the dark moon"
Rhue says, "the moons are the same on the other side of the land "
Auryn says, "Speaking of moons... it seems I was too vague when I warned of our transition to our moon skins."
Auryn says, "I apologize."
Auryn says, "We change into our moonskins when Mrod's moon is full."
Auryn says, "We change back when it wanes."
Kilan says, "Now fer me second question..."
Kilan clears his throat.
Rhue leans casually on a wolfhead walking stick.
Auryn says, "I had several people express their confusion. Pardon my interruption."
Kilan asks, "Second...What are the names of some of your Gods, and how do they..coincide, I guess...with our own?"
Felinda asks, "Your other question Kilan?"
Felinda asks, "Prydaen or Rakash?"
Auryn says, "The Rakash worship Mrod."
Felinda grins at Kilan.
Rhue says, "and onthers"
Kilan says, "Either."
Felinda says, "Well, I went over our gods already"
Pyrah says, "Your Meraud seems to have similar leanings and teachings from what I have been reading."
Auryn says, "I've heard some of your eastern scholars speculate. But only Mrod knows for certain."
Kilan nods to Auryn.
Rhue says, "i worship mrod . though i dont know the other gods off hand"
Kilan asks, "So..Demmris more er equivalent tae the one we call Demaris?"
Tigerus quietly says, "Demrris is the true god."
Auryn squints at Kilan.
Auryn says, "Trying to sneak in a third question, I see."
Kilan grins at Auryn.
Kilan says, "Anyways..."
Felinda says, "Eu, Tenemlor, Demrris"
Kilan says, "If any of ye have questions of our culture...feel free tae seek me out."
Pyrah bows to Kilan.
Kilan smiles and bows, before resuming his seat.
Pyrah says, "A gracious offer, thank you."
Auryn says, "Incase any of the pack are upset that we aren't in our canine forms longer... you'll have to take that up with Mrod... we don't control it."

Werepuck is next.

Werepuck says, "thank you..."
Felinda says, "Before we get started"
Felinda says, "Tyryan you better behave with that question"
Felinda grins at Tyryan.
Felinda says, "go ahead Werepuck"
Pyrah says, "Thank you, Crossing inhabitants for the warm welcome most of you have shown."
Werepuck asks, "I have only been studing the new hub culture and wonder if we learn the new ways of the hub will we also learn the old ways from the elders?"
Felinda says, "You are welcome to seek us out if you have more questions later"
Graypelt says, "tha pack is in yer blood Werepuck"
Werepuck says, "ie the ways of xing circles/ranks "
Abysinnthe says, "There are some of us that will teach the old ways of the Prydaen to those that want to carry on the traditions"
Tigerus quietly says, "The quest for knowledge, either new oe ancient is admirable... or so the elders say."
Felinda says, "Ah I misunderstood"
Anoo lolls her tongue.
Auryn asks, "So, you're saying these easterners are interested in shapes, and military distinctions ?"
Werepuck says, "the other question is do we change our forms like the other with us..."
Auryn says, "I've always liked circles, yes... but I think I'm more fond of triangles."
Graypelt pokes Auryn in the ribs.
Auryn says, "Prydaen don't change form."
Seasdaih says, "i like circles...they look like hubs"
Tigerus quietly asks, "Why would you want to change from perfection?"
Felinda says, "We not moonskins have"
Seasdaih purrs.
Felinda gazes thoughtfully at Werepuck.
Werepuck says, "thank you"

Elstaire is next.

Elstaire smiles.
Tigerus quietly says, "That is why the Rakash change, they envy our perfect splendor, and therefore are inferior."
Elstaire says, "Hello"
Graypelt says, "although tha felines do appear ta git skinnier when wet"
Graypelt ponders.
Auryn pointedly ignores Tigerus.
Tigerus folds his arms across his chest.
Felinda says, "Tigerus behave"
Seasdaih hisses at Graypelt.
Elstaire says, "I've got a couple questions...."
Elstaire grins.
Felinda nods to Elstaire.
Graypelt smiles at Seasdaih.
Elstaire asks, "I'm curious-is there any connection between Lyras and the Gorbesh?"
Elstaire raises an eyebrow.
Auryn says, "Not that we know of..."
Auryn says, "But there is much about Lyras we don't know."
Elstaire says, "It would seem to me that they might make enemies....."
Tigerus darkly says, "That witch..."
Tigerus glowers.
Graypelt says, "i don't think tha Gorbesh like bein' undead any bettern anybody else"
Elstaire nods.
Rhue says, "all she wants is more undead"
Auryn says, "You wouldn't think."
Auryn nods to Graypelt.
Elstaire says, "True..."
Auryn nods to Rhue.
Felinda asks, "You have other question Elstaire?"
Auryn says, "As far as we know, Lyras has no mortal ally."
Elstaire says, "Allright, my second question is ths"
Elstaire asks, "What do you think about Trimbolt's comparisons of Vael to Lanival?"
Graypelt shrugs.
Rhue asks, "huh?"
Auryn says, "And if any have tried to bribe, or side with her, I expect they met a horrid fate, similar to those who ran from her."
Elstaire asks, "Could they possibly be the same soul?"
Teakshu acts puzzled.
Anoo throws her head back and howls!
Elstaire says, "Well..."
Auryn scratches his head.
Auryn says, "I think Vael is Vael."
Elstaire grins.
Elstaire says, "Well, it was only speculation....."
Rhue nods to Auryn.
Elstaire shrugs.
Anoo says, "Vael smell just like Vael."
Felinda asks, "How one soul be in two places?"
Felinda ponders.
Seasdaih says, "in my opinion"
Rhue looks at Felinda and shrugs.
Auryn nods to Anoo.
Elstaire says, "Well, Lanival is dead...."
Seasdaih says, "and in my belief system"
Graypelt says, "from what I've learned from tha bards, Lanival is not dead so Vael could not have 'is soul"
Auryn says, "I've heard many stories about the Lanival."

Cyris is next.

Elstaire says, "Thanks"
Tigerus quietly says, "Vael is leader, nothing more. He leads we follow, Even though I destest this city of foul smells his descion has saved us and made us many new and powerful allies."
Elstaire bows.
Seasdaih says, "My gods would not put a hyoomen soul in a Pryde body"
Cyris hisses, "One of my quessstionsss wasss if you recognized Lanival asss the Sssavior, but you jussst anssswered that.. ssso I get another."
Cyris hisses, "Firssst.. I underssstand you fled through the Journelai Route.. perhapsss that'sss right, perhapsss it'sss not.. Regardlessssss, isss it possssssible that there are other unbarricaded pathsss from the Wessst which the undead might ssseep through?"
Auryn says, "It is the Kaldar and Gnomes who believe in a warrior king."
Auryn shakes his head at Cyris.
Auryn says, "The Barrier has no limit."
Cyris nods.
Graypelt says, "We kin onlt hope that is not tha case,Cyris"
Rhue says, "i hunted in the journelai forest"
Rhue sighs.
Auryn says, "It goes as far up as the eye can see."
Rhue says, "befor the undead arrived"
Cyris hisses, "Alssso.. are there any racesss left behind in the Eassst that didn't make it? Intelligent culturesss?"
Auryn says, "I believe it extends to the very top of the sky."
Cyris nods to Auryn.
Rhue looks at Cyris and shrugs.
Tigerus quietly says, "fools..."
Auryn says, "No races who lived with us, no."
Rhue says, "could be some further east though"
Cyris hisses, "er. wessst"
Rhue says, "never know"
Rhue shrugs.

Maelbrigte is next.

Rhue says, "yeah west"
Maelbrigte says, "Thank you, honored Elders. I have two questions."
Rhue points east.
Auryn says, "There were some of our people who disobeyed Vael and fled west rather than east though."
Graypelt sighs.
Maelbrigte asks, "Auryn, when the dark moon waxes, will all Rakash change at the same time? Or does it vary in any way?"
Auryn says, "I don't believe it varies."
Rhue nods to Maelst.
Rhue says, "we live as a pack"
Auryn says, "All who are present under Mrod's moon will change back."
Auryn nods to Rhue.
Rhue says, "and change as a pack"
Auryn nods to Rhue.
Auryn says, "Oh..."
Auryn says, "And we change to our moonskins when Mrod's moon is full."
Auryn says, "Not when it's just waxing."
Maelbrigte asks, "Thank you. I would also know if one of the old Gods represented the concept of Justice, or Balance, as the one called Chadatru does here?"
Auryn says, "Mrod represented all."
Felinda says, "You must decide what gods mean to self"
Maelbrigte nods to Auryn.
Rhue says, "as i said"
Rhue says, "i worshiped mrod"
Rhue says, "though there are others i know not of"

Imoen is next.

Maelbrigte says, "Thank you."
Imoen asks, "I like my tail, and am very happy to have it. I have lost my memory, so I am wondering... can I injur it? I also wish to know if I may adorn it as the scaled ones do? And is this the same with the Rakash tail?"
Felinda says, "Tail no get injured, too perfect"
Graypelt says, "might be hard fer us since we lose our tails after moontime"
Graypelt chuckles.
Auryn says, "If a Rakash adorned their tail... they'd have to unadorn it when the moon waned."
Rhue says, "you can wear things as the mur do"
Rhue says, "prydaen can that is"
Rhue nods.
Auryn says, "I've never hurt my tail, personally."
Imoen says, "I was wondering, because I have seen the scaled ones with injured tails now and then"
Auryn says, "I know some who were prone to getting it caught in doors though."
Felinda says, "No hurt tail, tail too quick"

Scandal is next.

Scandal says, "Yes, I was wondering, I hear all the strange tongues around here in different languages yet I know of no teachers. My curiousity is haunting me to know some of these other words, and I wonder if I will have an opportunity to learn them."
Rhue says, "you will"
Rhue nods to Scandal.
Rhue says, "each race knows 2 languages"
Graypelt says, "there is a book in tha library if ya've a min' ta read"
Rhue says, "this is common we speak in"
Felinda says, "We only know common and own"
Scandal says, "Ah good, I am too curious for my own good, I just have to know. thank you."

Jaelya is next.

Auryn says, "One thing I like about your Hub... new smells."
Jaelya says, "First I would like to thank all of the elders for answering the questions of us youngins and helping us as much as ye are..."
Rhue nods to Jaelya.
Jaelya says, "My question is about our changin, I be a bit muddled about it, being as young as I am and I have not been paying as much attention to when we change as I"
Auryn nods to Jaelya.
Jaelya asks, "What I think is that we change to our moonskins when Mrod's moon is full...then when Mrod's moon has totally waned we turn back into our human-forms? or am I muddled?"
Rhue says, "your muddled"
Jaelya blushes a bright red color.
Rhue says, "just as the moon becomes full"
Auryn says, "As soon as it begins to wane, we change."
Rhue says, "we don our moonskins'"
Jaelya nods to Rhue.
Graypelt says, "jes don't be in tha middle a a swarm a critters when it happens"
Rhue says, "and as the full moon wanes we loose them again"
Rhue nods to Auryn.
Jaelya asks, "So we are only in our moonskins for that night that Mrod's moon is full?"
Graypelt grins at Jaelya.
Rhue says, "the moon is full for a full day or 2"
Jaelya says, "I trying to make me head get this all right"
Auryn says, "Yes. Only when Mrod smiles upon us."
Jaelya grins like an idiot.
Jaelya says, "Okay, thank you very much"
Jaelya curtsies.
Felinda glances at Tyryan.
Felinda says, "You be good"
Auryn says, "Maybe if Mrod smiles more, we'll change more."
Auryn ponders.
Auryn says, "That could be... unfomfortable."
Graypelt says, "I'm studyin' that now"
Graypelt grins.

Tyryan is next.

Tyryan makes a grunting noise.
Tyryan says, "Gonna show off superior dwarven lungs again..."
Felinda says, "Oh no"
Tyryan asks, "Me impatient dwarf. Me hearin lotta talk bout can me do this, can me do that, me lost memory...Can answer important questions bout undead and what plans are in works? Undead not sit round and talk bout silly things, they try to kill us. We of this place not like you animal peoples so there prolly gonna be many misunderstandins. Me wonder at how ya can run from trouble and not turn and fight like warriors, are ya afraid of dyin? And when's ya leader, Vael, gonna speak bout his plans cause some of us would like to know if he plan to hide out, speak down to us, and force opinions and ideas like ya peoples are or do he plan to fight like warrior and rid undead from lands? Animal peoples keepin barrier will only live so long, is there not some kinda plan for future?"
Abysinnthe shakes her head.
Abysinnthe sighs.
Seasdaih asks, "force opinions?"
Felinda says, "First off"
Tyryan folds his arms across his chest.
Felinda says, "You were supposed ta behave"
Felinda says, "Secondly we have already agreed to help and fight with you"
Tyryan says, "Me be dwarf, no kitty say what me do"
Alydaer says, "Please do not call us kitties"
Tyryan asks, "How fight, me just see hidin?"
Auryn says, "Vael, Methesdred, and our elders are not idle."
Felinda says, "Kitty gonna eat you for dinner next"
Tyryan says, "No talkin of fightin from what me hear"
Auryn says, "Just because they don't choose to tell you easterners everything about what they're doing doesn't mean they're sitting around wagging their tails."
Auryn snorts at Tyryan.
Auryn says, "You have small ears."
Felinda says, "You may ask others, many of us did fight when dead kin were here, Felinda think you blind"
Auryn says, "You don't hear everything."
Tyryan says, "They oughtta think real hard bout it, cause ya need us more than we need you"

Goboka is next.

Felinda says, "Keep telling yourself that"
Graypelt says, "afore this is over we gonna need each other"
Auryn says, "Vael, Methesdred, and the other elders will bring it to our attention when they've found a way to defeat the necromancer."
Anoo lolls her tongue.
Goboka asks, "me questions is dat one of yas said ya go to canine form, ya dont tink yas transformation in special?"
Goboka asks, "yas tink yas related to doggys?"
Auryn says, "I don't see why you'd think you were entitled to know of their guarded plans."
Goboka crosses his eyes.
Auryn blinks at Goboka.
Goboka looks about with a puzzled expression on his face.
Anoo gazes at Goboka.
Auryn says, "No... I don't think we're related to household pets."
Felinda gazes thoughtfully at Goboka.
Goboka asks, "me also wonder if ya seen me uncle groober?"
Goboka asks, "he left long time ago to plant spores?"
Auryn says, "I haven't seen any of your pack."
Auryn shakes his head at Goboka.
Goboka asks, "so we goin to attack dis person dat creates da undead or we goin to let dem keep attackin us?"
Felinda says, "We'd like to thank you all for your interest in learning the ways of old"
Auryn says, "There have been no new attacks, short-one."
Felinda says, "You're freeeee freeeee"
Auryn blinks.
Auryn says, "The undead you all saw recently..."
(Felinda leaps out the arch)
Auryn says, "They were tapped on the eastern side of the Barrier."
Revela says, "I would like to remind everyone who is interested, that we will have another presentation tomorrow, from the Gnome and Kaldar immigrant elders."
Auryn says, "The undead who attacked your Hub... our new Hub..."
Auryn says, "Were just a small fragment trapped on this side."
Auryn says, "Mrod's blessing to everyone."
Auryn says, "If you still have questions, you're welcome to catch one of us some time and ask about anything you may not be clear on."