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Our Future

A vision of the future...

These are just some of my ramblins and hopes to see in the future. I am in the process of tryin to get as many prydaens together as posible..clan, order, family, whatever ya wanna call it. I see a figurehead of some kind, someone to just sit and watch only gettin involved in decicions and conflicts when need be. I see a councel of some kind, a representitive from each of the guilds. There is an apprentiship program in the works for all those that can. (more on that later) Now don't stone me fer sayin this, I'll explain..I see an "army" and I use that term loosly. Some prydaen that will practice and or plan ways to fight together in battle, either just hunting or durring invasions/wars. I want to try and use the jobs of the guilds and TRY to incorperate that into our prydaen lifes. Paladin's would be like guards and soldier/commander types, Clerics would study and teach our younger generations/perform ritual cerimonies, ect ect. Don't get me wrong, it will only be as political as the whole group wants it to get, there should be no fees, dues, or anything like that. Donations yes, fees no. overall Im goin for the whole tribal family feel. I want prydaen to have responsibilites and feel as if they belong and are counted on from time to time. There are tons of details that have to be discussed and worked out for this to ever work, that's why I'm here. I need the all the prydaens input and ideas to make this the best that it can be.

Speakin of ideas.....I also would like to see some ideas for a Hub. Names, buildings, designs, layouts, whatever. When the time comes to build we'll have the ideas to give.

Just think of the RP opportunities that could be had here....I should stop rambling already. Be well and safe journeys to you.

More later....