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For those that live in Shadow...'ve found my sanctuary? Yeah yeah yeah, I used ta be in the barb guild. I had a nasty run in with the guards one day....beat me like mad. I didn even remember my name when I finally woke up, at least thats what the begger tells me.. The old begger said I had a backpack full of stuff that the guards took from me and he'd get it back if I stayed with em a while. I was kinda wonderin what I mighta had in that backpack fer the guards ta keep it like they did, so I stayed with the begger a while. He taught me a lil about survivin on the streets. Days turned into weeks, I told the old begger it was time fer me ta move on and I needed my things.... He told me ta run an arend fer em and by the time I got back he'd have my backpack. Sounds easy right? Riiiiiiight, nuthins that easy...lets just say if anyone saw me while I was runnin this "erand" my backpack would be the least of my worries. Needless to say I ran the erand fer em, just barley I might add, and got my pack. With the exception of a few small trinkets I let the begger take I had some perty nice stuff... worth the hastle I think.

Since we are who we are, you'll never see to much about us in the normal areas of this place, But make sure ya pop in from time ta time.... I'll be sure and tell ya about any meetins, plans, or corruption that I find interestin that we cin get involded in. Untill we meet again.... Make sure nobody see ya commin outa here!